Realt Na Mara Realt Na Mara Pre-School and After-School Club

Pre-School Area

Our Pre-school caters for Children aged approx 2 ½ years to 5 years old.
PLAY – when a child is playing they are actually learning valuable experiences.
To an adult an empty card board box is something that needs to be put away into the rubbish however to a child it has endless possibilities – a castle – a den – a car – a dressing room.

This Is Play

After School Facilities in DundalkDoes your child want to help to do things around the house (and do you usually end up doing them again after!) – To them this is real work (play), learning new experiences and improving their skills as they go, helping them to learn the complex tools required to become well rounded individuals.

This Is Play

Realt Na Mara Pre-School and After-School Club embraces PLAY as the most powerful learning tool for children.

To a child what they are doing has a deep hidden meaning to it, to a child, play is serious business; they need time for this and it is vital that this time is given to them.

Play is the most important thing a young child can do. Play is not only the essence of a happy childhood, it is the way children learn - about their bodies, their environment, ideas, events and the people and objects around them.
In our Pre-school we ensure that we cover the 5 key elements of Play The following are just some of the things children learn while they're playing:

  • Physical – Small and Large Muscle Movement ,Hand - Eye Co-ordination, Balance
  • Intellectual – problem solving through puzzles
  • Linguistic – communication skills
  • Emotional – through positive play experiences
  • Social – contact with peers, younger, older children and adults

We offer a separate nappy changing area and toilets nearby to encourage toilet training in this age group.
We have a sleep area for children who require an afternoon nap; all Full Time Toddlers get a hot meal of the day and snacks.

What’s on offer in our Pre-school Room


Mid Morning Snack Attack – This is supplied by parents.


After School Facilities in DundalkMorning Activity Session - Morning Play Session – including art, songs, dance and drama, home corner, sand and water play, library, dress up, construction, cutting, kitchen, shop, threading and more.
Outdoor Play is encouraged if the weather is appropriate – we like to wrap up and go out and get the fresh air as often as possible, so whether its coats, scarves and hats or sun cream that’s required we encourage outdoor play daily.


Our young children’s bodies need to rest after activities to rejuvenate and be ready for the rest of the day. Rest Time is on offer for our pre-school children who have access to a chill out area.


We try to show your children the great outdoors, and from time to time we will engage on a day trip, details of these trips will be given to all parents prior to the trip, all parents are welcome to help out on these trips.
Nature Walks Where possible we will take walks on local parks.

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